Book Cover Reveal

If you would like to join me in revealing my book cover through Lola’s Blog tours for Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, then you can sign up here.


The reveal will be taking place April 11th. I am so excited!


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Poetry Time


Slowly Falling

I sit here among the others
You call out to me loudly
Somewhere alone you hover
Craving after you madly
They seem to interfere
My heart is losing sleep
In my mind here
You are what I keep
Raging, Clawing, Howling
Let me find you
The fear is arising
What else can I do?
Pain is causing ache
Feelings are eating my soul
Please let me wake
Beneath me is a hole
Beginning to fall for you
The inner beast tears
My monster is new
Her seduction is rare
You I need to tell
Want, need, desperation
Before all becomes agony
Become my passion




Hello Everyone!

So, I decided to start an author website, since I will be releasing a book soon! Info will be coming!

I also do reviews on my blog over at https://literarydust.wordpress.com/

If anyone wants to give awesome advice that is an author or that knows an author go ahead and comment! I am just ready to dance over how new and exciting everything is!


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